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Doctor and Patient

About Us

Our goal at Optimal Hormones & Wellness is to find that OPTIMAL level, not just settle for normal. During the consultation we will discuss your health concerns, hormonal issues, and other needs to help you get relief from your symptoms and discuss if hormones, natural therapies or both could benefit you.
If you are struggling with losing weight, staying energized, or even sexual function, there could be a hormonal issue at play. Normal doesn't mean OPTIMAL. We are here to help you feel your best.

Customized Treatment Plans
Normal Doesn't Mean Optimal

Optimal Hormones offers customized BHRT/HRT hormone replacement therapy, Semaglutide weight loss, hair loss, and customized prescription skin care. We specialize in patient's over 50 who are experiencing the symptoms of aging, weight gain, and hormone imbalance.   

Optimal Hormones strives to give you customized treatment to get your skin, weight and hormones at optimal levels for an active and healthy lifestyle.  We use the most advanced testing, bio-identical hormones and the highest quality compounded medications, products and supplements.  

We Simply Help You Age Better!

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Nancy Watson is a Physician Assistant, licensed esthetician  with 10 years experience performing skin treatments.  She has a background in dermatology, aesthetics, primary care and mental health.  She is very knowledgeable  in weight loss, skin care, hormone replacement therapy and all areas of anti-aging.  Ms. Watson keeps abreast of the latest cutting edge therapies for anti-aging.  

Ms. Watson has a special interest in treating mature women.  Mature women face unique challenges after menopause.  Having experienced menopause herself, she understands the challenges we face when our hormone levels drop resulting in changes to our skin, weight, hair, mood and energy.  This imbalance results in symptoms that leave you feeling tired but can't sleep, suddenly gaining weight that doesn't come off with dieting and noticeable changes in hair and skin.  

Our goal at Optimal Hormones & Wellness is to make your experience easy and convenient  by offering our services from the comfort of your home through telemedicine or in-office.  In a complicated, complex world, we try to do simple and easy.  

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