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About NutriGen
NutriGen provides genetic insight into the patient, advising on health habits that will be most beneficial for weight loss or lifestyle improvement, such as increasing or decreasing food intake and recommending personalized supplements.



109 genetic variations

associated with 15 macrocategories
  • Morphological genetics in overweight predisposition

  • Behavioural genetics in food intake

  • Efficacy of exercise

  • Fat metabolism

  • Carbohydrate metabolism

  • Lipid metabolism

  • Glucose metabolism

  • Flavour sensitivities

  • Detoxification imbalances

  • Supplementation

  • Intolerance

  • Vitamin deficiency risk

  • Matching Diet Type

  • Hormones

    • Inflammation


Personalized plan with nutritional and dietetic recommendations

From the combination of the genetic results and patient health and current habits information, the test determines the diet that better respond to the patient genetic profile, elaborating a nutritional plan that includes the following types of food:
  1. Vegetables

  2. Legumes and derivatives

  3. Fruits and derivatives

  4. Cereals and derivates

  5. Fish and derivatives

  6. Meats and derivatives

  7. Shellfish and derivatives

  8. Eggs and derivatives

  9. Milk and derivatives

  10. Oils and fats

  11. Tubers and derivatives

  12. Sauces and condiments

  13. Sugars and derivatives

  14. Snacks

  15. Non-alcoholic beverages

  16. Alcoholic beverages

nutrigen detailed-patient-genetic-report.png


Patient physical characteristics

(age, weight, height, BMI), current medication, pathologies, intolerance, allergy, and physiological and emotional stress are taken into consideration through a questionnaire.


Personalized treatment and formulas

Personalized dietary plan designed exclusively for the patient, suggesting recommended foods and foods to avoid, as well as a supplementation proposal (vitamins and minerals in oral doses) according to the patient’s needs, based on a magistral formulation.
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